The Purple Problem

As the Meepillow launch gets closer and closer (tentatively scheduled for mid July) I am struggling with picking my final color.

That would be the color purple. I see purple options when I'm awake. I see purple options when I sleep. I can't escape this waking nightmare and need your help.

I've come to you dear readers for your opinions.

Check out the selection below and let me your thoughts via e-mail or in the comments below.

Currently I color matched the following purple and am pretty happy with it, but I think I just need confirmation:

Should I stick with the purple above, or go for a completely different purple swatch?

Thanks for all your help and support!



I like the one you color-swatched best

Kristan P

I would choose #4!


I think for this product, 4. Personally I’d want 1 though!


number 4 for see!


3 or 4. Where is white? I always play white. Usually because everyone else picked the colors. I’ve been playing so long now I always get white.

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