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The Game Haul

Board Game Bag Are you tired of lugging your favorite board games to game night with just your hands and a prayer? Only to damage them or potentially even drop them and lose all those bits and pieces down the nearest sewer drain. Maybe you just recently upgraded to a plastic grocery store bag, but that's just ridiculous, right? Well, the Game Haul is a super cool and economical way to store and transport your favorite games to game night while keeping them organized and safe! Protect your board games with this strong and durable carrying bag. Polyester/Nylon blend bag...

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Geek Fest & Other News!

Convention Time! Top Shelf Fun will be attending Geekfest as a Vendor on April 2nd! If you are in the area definitely stop by, say "hi" and hug up on some Meepillows! About Geekfest: Geekfest is a small passionate convention born and bred in Southern New Jersey. After FOUR very successful and fun shows at this location we are getting a huge show of support. We have had more than 6000+ attendees, volunteers, vendors and guests in two short years with four amazing shows! We just want to bring folks together to appreciate their own version of geek. The floor...

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The Meepillow Kickstarter Infomercial

Here is the infamous Meepillows Kickstarter video that launched the entire campaign! And here is the the original and unedited Meepillow infomercial that was filmed for my Kickstarter project. I ended up making some very hard decisions and cuts for time, which ultimately worked well in the Kickstarter world. Unfortunately, videos this long don't generally play as well for potential backers. :( However, I think the original infomercial definitely stands on it's own and deserves it's proper time in the spotlight too. It was so much fun to write, film, and collaborate with two of my closest friends and wonderful...

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Meepillows Around the World!

Happy New Year! The Kickstarter campaign to bring Meepillows to life is coming to an end. Meepillows are shipping to backers around the world and it truly couldn't be more exciting for everyone involved. As pictures come in from many incredibly gracious Kickstarter backers I can see how all the hard work has paid off! Starting in February (or possibly sooner - fingers crossed), Meepillows will be available for sale on my website. There will be six colors available for you to choose from (Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, & Yellow) and I will be working on more colors later...

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Meepillows Around the Internet

Hello everyone! It's been an incredibly exciting week for Top Shelf Fun. Meepillows launched on Kickstarter on August 13th with a goal of $15,000. The wonderfully supportive board game community has brought the funding to over $26,000 as of the writing this blog. Simply incredible. So, I wanted to share a few links of some of the places I found Meepillows on the internet. I'm so humbled and proud by the project that I just wanted give a shout out to the following websites: Shut Up & Sit Down The Dice Tower News Geek and Sundry Creative Mountain Games Roll for Crit Podcast And...

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